Shuriken Block

Shuriken Block 1.1

Be a ninja STAR!

Test your ninja reflexes by deflecting shurikens in this game for Android.

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  • Addictive gameplay
  • Less difficult than other .GEAR games
  • Clean 8-bit graphics
  • Simple controls


  • Scoreboard needs improvement
  • Sometimes crashes

Very good

Test your ninja reflexes by deflecting shurikens in this game for Android.

The magnificent five

The point of the game is simple: protect five men that are under a barrage of flying shurikens. This isn't surprising as Shuriken Block was made by Dong Nguyen, the developer famous for the hit that grew too big, Flappy Bird.

Unlike Flappy Bird or Super Ball Juggling, Shuriken Block is a bit more forgiving. Instead of being incredibly difficult and unforgiving at the start of a game, you are eased into the game and given three lives. Each time a star hits one of the men on the head, a life is lost. 

Shuriken Block avoids being complicated and doesn't offer many ingame options. Instead, there is just the ability to play/pause the game and check high scores. Advertisements are also limited to the top or bottom of the screen and don't interrupt the gaming experience.  

Tap and defend

Controls for the game are simple: tap the shurikens as they fall. Eventually, you'll need to use two fingers to keep up with all the falling objectsIt's recommended that you play the game with the sound (see below) on because it helps you to develop a rhythm while blocking which will help you get further in the game.

The graphics won't blow your mind

Like other games from Mr. Nguyen, this game keeps things simple and pixelated. The graphics look they could be from one of the better games on early Nintendo consoles. Your three lives are represented by hearts that are reminescent of the Zelda series. Shuriken Block has no music and only a few sounds you'll consistently hear: the "whoosh" of a shuriken, the "clink" from blocking projectiles, and the squishy sound from one of your men taking a shuriken to the head.

A great, simple game

At the end of the day, Shuriken Block is addictive, has simple controls, is more forgiving that its flappy brethern, and doesn't overload you with ads. 

Please note that Shuriken Block is no longer available to download from the Google Play store.

Shuriken Block


Shuriken Block 1.1

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